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Produce complete regulatory documents in seconds and ensure legal compliance.

Riskdocuments is a complete and automated end-to-end solution for analytics calculations, managing texts & data, and producing extraordinary high quality regulatory documents for the investment product industry.

We focus on EU legal, regulatory & compliance reporting issues.

Riskdocuments has a range of unique innovative features that no other competitive solution has.


Understand how your financial information (e.g. valuations and exposures) move into the future.

RiskButler is for all organisations that have financial exposure from any source (product type).

RiskButler is data-driven and extremely advanced: machine learning and AI is used and there are a long range innovative system features.

It is a cloud (or in-house) service for financial portfolio optimization in terms of current and future portfolio composition, construction, valuation, performance, risk (market risk, counterparty credit risk and more), and regulatory compliance.

RiskButler has a range of unique innovative features that no competitive solution has.



We are experimenting with new AI and machine learning techniques and have among other:

  • Produced a website with AI predictions of home prices on a detailed level, currently Danish 100+ communes for three property types.
  • Produced a chatbot that provide answers about stock prices, foreign exchange values and their respective predicted future risks, this is about to be released in a new version shortly.
  • Learned from the established AI tech giants, tried many of their public AI experiments, and augmented some of them during trials.

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We develop & provide innovative software, services and solutions for businesses and people, globally.

We support all kinds of financial products, basically all products for which data is available.

We enable you to protect and grow your money wealth, whether as a business or as an individual.

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We engage directly in research and development, often with university partners, and by utilising superior computer science, machine learning, AI, cloud technologies, finance, statistics and mathematics.

We have a wide variety of software that can be packaged and extended to solve your Fintech problems.

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Do Fintech right and enhance your competitiveness.

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We service clients globally.

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