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We provide ready-made & customized high quality full services and safe easy-to-use cloud web services.

We develop & provide innovative computer software services and solutions for businesses and people, globally.

We offer & develop new high quality & scalable software services using cloud services, data analysis and AI & other types of machine learning.

Clients can be central banks, banks, insurance companies, investment product (management-) companies, pension funds & energy distributors, energy producers, and other kinds of organisations.

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One-click financial regulatory final documents in seconds.

Riskdocuments is a complete and automated end-to-end solution for analytics calculations, managing texts & data, and producing extraordinary high quality regulatory reports for the investment product industry, PRIIPs.

We focus on EU legal, regulatory & compliance reporting issues.

Riskdocuments has a range of unique innovative features that no other competitive solution has, for example, the system can tell you via email that new documents have been produced - by the system automatically - due to certain events such as analytical metrics changes.


Innova cloud AI

Our experience and research shows that the best results are reached when we combine human expertise with AI in a controlled automated cloud framework.

We offer a full AI & Big Data service using a generalised end-to-end AI cloud solution, it is an auto-scalable solution that saves a lot of resources when adding new AI models, training AI models on new data, and ensures automatically that all services and tasks are fulfilled timely or communicated to be handled if problems arise.

We specialize in data that is sequential - that has a time dependency or aspect.

To enhance our services we do research with people from universities and have finalised six R&D projects the last few years.

Artificial intelligence is often superior to traditional mathematical - statistical methods for modelling, analysing and monitoring data.

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RiskButler is for all organisations & businesses that have financial exposure from any source (product type): for risk modelling, management & monitoring.

RiskButler is data-driven and extremely advanced: machine learning and AI is used and there are a long range innovative system features.

It is a cloud service for financial portfolio optimization in terms of current and future portfolio composition, construction, valuation, performance, risk (market risk, counterparty credit risk and more), and regulatory compliance.

RiskButler has a range of unique innovative features that no competitive solution has. It supports intraday data, has one-click built-in model backtesting, risk lines & limits monitoring on all organisational levels (including cross-holding support for conglomerates), multi-product support, symbolic model definition and much more.


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Data can be of many forms e.g. texts, numbers, files, sound, pictures and videos. We can support all kinds of financial products, basically all products for which data is available.

We use superior computer science, data, machine learning, AI, cloud technologies, finance, statistics and mathematics.

We have and utilize a wide variety of software - including open source software of very high quality backed by hundreds of developers - that can be packaged and extended to solve your business needs.